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Design Patterns in C++: Observer

The Observer Pattern is one of the heavily used ones and well, the name says it : It’s purpose is to observe other classes for any updates. To be a bit more exact: you register the Observer classes at the Subject class and when the Subject changes, then all Observers get notified. So, to be…

Design Patterns in C++: Singleton

The Singleton Design Pattern guarantees that there is always at most one lonesome instance of the class around. The following implementation of a Singleton in CPP is thread-safe as long as you are using C++11 or above! It is based on a stackoverflow Q&A. Singleton_Classname.h Singleton_Classname.cpp

Linux HID driver hooks

The linux HID subsystem offers kernel driver programmers a whole bunch of hooks to insert custom code before, after and while automatic processing. Those hooks are defined in <linux/hid.h>, unfortunately they aren’t documented very well similarly to the whole loading process of driver modules in Linux.